Engagement Rings

Verstolo sells loose diamonds and precious stones, which can be put into a variety of custom settings. The engagement rings below are actual rings that have been custom made with our diamonds and precious stones per our clients’ requests. If a specific style is not shown below, please set up a phone or showroom consultation to discuss your idea with one of our diamond and design experts. Call us at the number above to aid in educating and selecting a center stone, help with design details and provide approximate pricing options.


Engagement Rings

Why should you come to Verstolo?
We know that creating the perfect engagement ring is an intimate and personal experience that amounts to one of the more important decisions in a couple’s life together. From finding the perfect stone to designing your own bespoke ring, Verstolo prioritizes earning your trust first to make you feel comfortable, secure and confident in this once-in-a-lifetime commitment. We walk you through the entire journey, focusing on your needs and expectations, while providing you with an honest education and history behind every stone and design.

How does the engagement ring process work?
We start with a simple phone consultation to learn about your vision, desire and budget. We’ll then arrange a time for you to visit our Fifth Avenue showroom, where we will have pre-selected center stones for you to see based on the specifications we discussed. We then create a unique design and setting that best highlights and maximizes your stone’s brilliance, producing a ring with the finest handcrafted artistry. We never make the same ring twice as each ring is created specifically for the center stone that is chosen.

How long does it take to create a Verstolo ring?
It takes around 3 weeks for us to fabricate your ring, but we always try to accommodate for special circumstances.

I know all about the 4 C’s, but which ‘C’ is the most important?
The ‘Cut’ of the diamond is the most vital of all the 4 C’s, as that is the driving force behind making the stones sparkle and appear brighter. At Verstolo, we manufacture our own diamonds, monitoring each stone’s size and brilliance. We streamline the process from mine-to-finger, and specialize in producing the finest ideal-cut diamonds, which we exclusively use in all of our jewelry.

What are Hearts and Arrows diamonds and do you carry them?
We are one of the world’s largest producers of Hearts and Arrows diamonds, or super ideal cut. These special stones are cut to extremely specific proportions creating a unique facet pattern. From the top of the diamond a pattern of arrows can be seen and from the bottom a pattern of hearts. All diamonds show some version of hearts and arrows, but when the pattern is absolutely perfect, the stone is said to have optimal symmetry and light performance. These stones appear brighter than any other as they have incredible fire and brilliance. Set up an appointment to see for yourself!

Are Verstolo diamonds of natural origin?
All of our stones are 100% natural, 100% conflict-free, GIA or AGS certified, and every one of our pieces is accompanied with an independent appraisal for insurance purposes. We pride ourselves on integrity, not only in the quality of our work, but in the rapport we build and the trust we earn with each of our clients. We invite you to schedule a consultation to see our selection and workmanship for yourself.