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Something Borrowed: Benefits of Jewelry Rental for Weddings

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe.” That’s the Old English rhyme from the Victorian Era that has stood the test of time and is one wedding tradition many brides-to-be uphold today as a symbol of luck and added lore to their big day.

Perhaps you haven’t found your “something borrowed” just yet. Or perhaps you are still missing just the right “something” that’s new. In this blog, we’ll highlight the many benefits of renting jewelry for weddings and why luxury rental jewelry makes for the perfect borrowed or new wedding day accessory.

Renting Jewelry is Cost Conscience Kelley

Renting Jewelry is Cost-Conscience

Weddings cost an average of $30,000 with most of that budget allocated towards the venue and some funds allocated for wedding bands.

What’s not often accounted for are other accessories and jewelry for the big day to sparkle – bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc.

Purchasing luxurious new pieces of jewelry for the special day may not be a realistic option, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your dreams of wearing dazzling diamond earrings.

That’s where the affordability of renting jewelry compared to purchasing can help the bride-to-be, mother of the groom, or mother of the bride, create their desired look at a fraction of the cost.

For instance, these 5.50-carat timeless floral diamond cluster earrings set in 18K white gold would sell for nearly $24,000 but when renting them the cost is significantly more reasonable at $575.

Renting wedding jewelry creates access to luxurious wedding pieces at a fraction of the cost while maintaining the flawless and classic look you want without sacrificing quality or settling on costume jewelry.

It allows you to invest in other areas of your wedding to make it a wonderful and memorable experience for you, your family, and your friends.

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Stay on Trend With the Latest Wedding Jewelry Styles Isabella

Stay on Trend With the Latest Wedding Jewelry Styles

Marriage is all about commitment. But when it comes to your wedding jewelry accessories, the same sense of longevity and commitment doesn’t have to be true.

In the world of fashion and wedding trends, what’s in one season can be out the next. It may not be on your radar to invest in buying a new piece of jewelry, but perhaps the appeal and lower cost and risk associated with renting wedding jewelry may catch your eye.

Renting luxury wedding jewelry provides the chance to be adorned with trendy, stunning jewelry that you don’t have to commit to a long-term relationship with. You can experience different styles and designs that are uniquely perfect to complement your gown and headpiece.

Wear jaw-dropping jewelry that adds an extra sparkle to these special moments in time by renting trending wedding jewelry.

Your dazzling wedding moments wearing stunning earrings, bracelets, and necklaces will be captured for years to come not only in your memories but in timeless photos, too.

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Try Before Renting Luxury Wedding Jewelry Ilana

Try Before Renting Luxury Wedding Jewelry

Dating is the opportunity to learn about yourself and your potential future spouse. You spend quality time together doing different activities and experiencing life, and over time you conclude that they’re ‘the one.”

You can take that concept of dating and apply it to your day of wedding jewelry pieces as well – whether you want to borrow or buy. Before committing to investing in a piece of high-quality rented jewelry for weddings, you should have the opportunity to try out jewelry pieces before making a final borrowing (or purchasing) decision.

Having a consultation – virtually or in person — and working with a trusted jeweler and stylist can guide you in selecting just the right pieces that complement the look and style you want to exude on your special day.

Big decisions shouldn’t be rushed. Having the opportunity to browse and try on a wide variety of wedding jewelry to find the perfect fit will help you make the right choice and avoid rental (or buyer) remorse while adding a memorable wedding planning milestone.

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Avoid Storage Insurance and Maintenance Worries

Avoid Storage, Insurance, and Maintenance Worries With Renting Jewelry for Weddings

Aside from purchasing wedding jewelry, there are often other costs aside from the piece’s price. By renting your wedding jewelry, you avoid many long-term costs such as storage, cleaning, repairs, maintenance, and insurance. Insuring a piece of jewelry usually costs 1-2% of the value of the piece annually which certainly adds up over time.

Staying stress-free on your wedding day is priceless. Have peace of mind knowing that the jewelry rental company handles these responsibilities.

Luxury jewelry rental comes with the luxury of being able to simply return the rented jewelry without worrying about storage, cleaning, maintenance, loss, or potential devaluation.

Planning a wedding comes with enough details and activities to plan and think about, don’t let your day of wedding jewelry be on that list.

Sustainable and Ethical Benefits of Wedding Jewelry Rental

Sustainable and Ethical Benefits of Wedding Jewelry Rental

Whether you realize it or not, renting jewelry for weddings comes with sustainability benefits. By opting for borrowing jewelry on your big day, you’re reducing the environmental impact when compared to purchasing all new items.

It also allows you to support companies that prioritize ethical diamond sourcing and fair trade practices so they can keep doing what they do for years to come and offer the opportunity for luxury wedding jewelry rentals for future brides.

Plus, by reusing jewelry items whether it be wedding earrings, bracelets, or necklaces, you’re contributing to the circular economy by giving the jewelry another life and more time to shine.

Think of all the stories the borrowed wedding jewelry has to tell. The amazing marriages, music laughs, and good times — you’re now part of that story.

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What are Some Customer Reviews of Wedding Jewelry Rentals?

Here’s what other Verstolo brides have shared about their wedding jewelry rental experience by sharing their reviews on With 80+ 5-star reviews on Verstolo’s profile, you’ll see why wedding jewelry rentals truly shine.

“I had an amazing experience working with Verstolo for my wedding. They were so helpful in helping me select the perfect pair of earrings for my wedding day look. The entire rental experience was seamless and so easy!” – Molly R.

“I loved renting my wedding jewelry from Verstolo. I first saw the gorgeous rentals on Instagram and loved the idea of having something special for my big day!
The process was so seamless and the selection is incredible. I felt like a princess on my wedding day and the gorgeous diamond earrings from Verstolo were a big part of that!”
– Hannah B.

“Renting jewelry from Verstolo was one of the best things I did for my wedding day.” – Diana H.

“Renting my wedding jewelry from Verstolo was the best decision! I had a destination wedding and the process was so easy – they were shipped directly to the hotel with a prepaid shipping label to drop off after the wedding with clear instructions. Not to mention the jewels were to die for!” – Laura M.

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