2024 Diamond Engagement Rings Trends Best Styles for The Contemporary Bride

2024 Diamond Engagement Rings Trends: Best Styles for The Contemporary Bride

The moment your beloved asks the big question is truly unforgettable. For many, it’s not just the “yes” we envision but the ring itself: a cherished symbol sparkling with the promise of forever.

Trends come and go, but staying informed about the most popular engagement ring styles of the year can inspire and guide you towards your dream diamond ring.

So here are some of the best current engagement ring trends to help you find the ring that speaks to your heart and personal style.

Best Classic Engagement Ring Styles

Best Classic Engagement Ring Styles

You can’t go wrong with a classic style. These traditional engagement ring styles are the epitome of elegance and beauty, featuring timeless designs that will stand the test of time.

Understated Solitaire

Solitaire settings continue to be some of the most popular engagement ring styles. This design puts the spotlight on a single, sparkling diamond, exuding sophistication and graceful elegance.

Solitaire settings offer a perfect canvas for a variety of diamond shapes and sizes, making them ideal for those seeking a classic and versatile ring that reflects their unique style.

Whether you appreciate minimalist styles such as this stunning razor-edge engagement ring or you prefer the brilliance of a diamond band solitaire, at Verstolo, you will find inspiring solitaires suited for every taste.

Understated Solitaire Verstolo

Three Stone Rings

Three stone engagement rings, also known as trilogy rings, feature a larger center stone, flanked by two beautiful companions.

The center stone represents the strength and brilliance of the present, while the side stones embody the cherished memories of the past and the hopes and dreams for the future.

The interplay between the different-sized stones creates a sense of movement and dimension, making them a captivating choice that is both classic and contemporary.

We offer a dazzling array of options, from enchanting radiant engagement rings and round brilliant styles to more non-traditional designs like this vibrant sapphire diamond ring.

Three Stone Rings Verstolo

Best vintage engagement ring styles

Vintage-inspired engagement rings are an endearing choice that never goes out of fashion. Vintage styles typically feature intricate details or unique diamond cuts, evoking a sense of nostalgia and timeless romance.



Marquise cuts are all about royal elegance and sophistication. This captivating diamond shape, said to be inspired by King Louis XIV’s love for the Marquise de Pompadour, continues to grace the fingers of modern brides in 2024.

Marquise cut diamonds usually have 58 facets designed to maximize brilliance, making them an unforgettable engagement ring filled with beauty and sparkle.

Verstolo’s marquise diamond has a dazzling design featuring a perfect halo flanked by trillion diamonds set in 18K yellow gold.

V13602 24 2017 3

Art Deco

Defined by geometric shapes, bold lines, and abstract designs, Art Deco engagement rings look surprisingly modern for a style that originated more than a century ago and are still trending in 2024.

Many Art Deco engagement rings feature emerald cuts, Asscher cuts, and baguettes, offering a bold, sleek look that’s both sophisticated and striking.

We’re in love with this unique Asscher cut engagement ring featuring a custom-cut baguette halo and a platinum band. For emerald cut lovers, try out this eye-catching three-stone engagement ring.

Art Deco Verstolo

Best modern engagement ring styles

From fancy-shaped diamonds to lab-grown gemstones, modern options engagement ring styles redefine elegance with a touch of individuality.

Oval-shaped diamonds

Oval-shaped diamonds have been soaring in popularity in the past few years and will continue to be a top choice for brides in 2024.

There’s a good reason why these cuts are so enthralling. The elongated shape flatters the finger, creating an illusion of length and adding a touch of sophisticated dimension.

Plus, compared to round diamonds of the same carat weight, ovals are less expensive while offering an impressive visual size.

We love the brilliance and simplicity of this sophisticated oval solitaire set on a slim pave diamond band. For a bolder choice, this captivating two-tone oval engagement ring with an open profile might be the one for you.

V1360 7 227 20 16 R1

Lab grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are trending in 2024. These man-made gems have the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds boast the same dazzling brilliance and durability as their mined counterparts, all at a more accessible price point. They are a wonderful choice for brides who want a sustainable option or want to spend less for the same sparkle and beauty.

At Verstolo, all our engagement ring styles can be custom made with the finest quality lab-grown diamonds. We will guide you through the process and help you decide on the best lab-made gem for you.

What is the most popular diamond cut in 2024?

Diamond cuts describe the facet arrangement of an individual stone. They influence the sparkle and brilliance of the gem: a well-cut diamond will shine brightly, sparkling with both white, black and colorful splashes.

Round-cut diamonds remain the most popular options in 2024, but this shouldn’t deter you from exploring other alternatives.


If you want a unique touch to your ring, princess cuts are an excellent choice. And for a look that blends brilliance with a softer touch, cushion cuts provide a truly romantic alternative.


What’s your engagement ring style?

Now that you’ve discovered the latest engagement ring trends, how do you know what style suits you the most? Here are some tips to help you navigate the decision-making process:

Narrow down your options

Make a list of your preferences. Do you want a specific diamond cut or shape? What metals do you prefer? What are some of your favorite ring designs? This will help you focus on the options that you like the most.

Consult with experts

At Verstolo, we can help you choose the right fit for you. Just let us know what your wishes are, and we’ll prepare a curated selection of diamonds, walking you through every essential aspect.

Forget about the trends

This might sound counterintuitive, but remember that your engagement ring is all about you! Don’t overanalyze the fads and fashions – they should only serve as inspiration. At the end of the day, whatever style you choose is the right style for you.

Embrace your uniqueness

Your style is as unique as your love. So why not embrace custom options? We’re happy to customize our diamond engagement rings according to your needs and wishes.

Trust your intuition

Some rings are love at first sight; others take time to grow on you…Whatever the case, you’ll know when you find it! Take your time and trust that you will make the right choice.

Say “I do” in style and sophistication with Verstolo

As experienced diamantaires, we know how important it is to find your everlasting symbol of love. Each of our engagement rings are created manually with the utmost care and attention to detail so you can proudly wear the finest diamond ring that captures your unique essence.

At Verstolo, you will find the best engagement rings in NYC, carefully crafted to help you celebrate your relationship with a stunning work of wearable art.

Book your consultation now and find your forever ring with Verstolo!

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