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Dazzle With Our Top 7 High-End Wedding Necklaces

Weddings are a time-honored celebration of love, commitment, and everlasting memories. They mark the beginning of a new chapter, and to commemorate such a joyous occasion, we’ve rounded out our top seven luxury wedding necklaces for renting.

Why rent a diamond bridal necklace for your wedding?

Choosing to rent a bridal necklace offers several incentives, some of which include premium customization options, better sustainability for the environment, and zero storage and maintenance concerns.

But above all, renting expensive bridal necklaces allows you to allocate your wedding funds to other areas, such as guest entertainment, lighting, decor, flowers, and food.

Fortunately, Verstolo offers an array of elegant necklaces to make you shine on your big day. From dazzling diamonds to unique necklace designs, we’re here to match your wedding dress to the most perfect bridal necklace.

verstolo jewelry layla


This classic diamond lariat necklace cascades down beautifully to complement a wide array of wedding dresses, including a mermaid wedding dress, V-neck gowns, and a strapless ballgown.

Each round diamond is set in 14K white gold, with a carat weight of 3.93. The adjustable clasp allows you to customize the length of the necklace depending on the necklace of the dress.

Wear the Layla as a dazzling statement piece on its own or layer it with other luxury bridal necklaces of your choosing. For a creatively bold look, you can also wear this lariat necklace backward; simply rotate the necklace around toward your back.

verstolo jewelry mariposa


The Mariposa necklace is a seamless blend of round and marquise diamonds with a carat weight of 21.40. Historically, marquise diamonds are associated with royalty, nobility, and Old World aristocracy.

Those with vibrant and creative personalities often showcase marquise diamonds at their weddings, including celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Ashlee Simpson, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. A-line dresses, ball gowns, and tea-length wedding dresses all complement the Mariposa beautifully.

verstolo jewelry aria


Those who love handcrafted wedding necklaces that highlight themes of astrology, constellations, and star signs will fall head-over-heels for the Aria bridal necklace.

With a carat weight of 16.45 and 18K white gold round diamonds, this necklace is sure to make a dazzling statement on your big day.

The modern appeal of the Aria also pairs perfectly with contemporary-themed weddings and dresses, with the latter including A-line gowns, strapless ball gowns, and tea-length wedding dresses.

verstolo jewelry iris


Rent the Iris classic diamond necklace if your ideal wedding look is timeless, simple, and classic. Featuring 14K white gold diamonds and a carat weight of 11.84, the Iris is perfect for wedding dress necklines like sweetheart, V-neck, off-shoulder, square, or scoop.

Non-embellished or minimal wedding dresses pair best with the Iris, as well as dresses that are adorned with crystals to match the brilliant round diamonds.

verstolo jewelry martine


Diamond wedding necklaces should make a dazzling statement at your dream wedding, and that’s exactly what the Martine bridal necklace does. A gorgeous array of 235 round and marquise diamonds showcases floral shapes and a unique cascading effect.

The design of this necklace is on par with current wedding accessory trends, as brides are currently leaning toward bold and creative types of jewelry with flower shapes.

The Martine also features a carat weight of 26.20 and 18K white gold and accentuates perfectly with strapless, V-neck, and A-line wedding gowns.

verstolo jewelry chloe


The Chloe bridal necklace consists of off-set floral clusters and white gold, as well as a carat weight of 18.30. The necklace is in-line with current wedding necklace trends, which have highlighted elegant floral designs.

Bohemian gowns, lace fabric, romantic ball gowns, and vintage-inspired dresses all complement the Chloe diamond necklace beautifully. Personalities that are drawn to floral diamond shapes are typically playful, confident, and creative.

verstolo jewelry vivienne


If you think handmade bridal necklaces should exude luxury and meticulous craftsmanship, then the Vivienne diamond necklace is sure to be your BFF down the aisle. V-shapes adorned with brilliant round diamonds make this necklace a statement piece that accentuates almost any type of wedding garment.

Round diamonds are also associated with themes of eternal love, romance, and timelessness, and those who are drawn to round diamond shapes are said to be honest, faithful, and charming.

A petite Vivienne necklace option is also available.

How You Can Rent Exclusive Wedding Necklaces With Verstolo

High-end wedding necklaces are not just pieces of jewelry; they’re a testament to love, elegance, and the bond between two happily married individuals.

Diamond necklaces are also a unique way to showcase a bride’s personality, sense of style, and overall wedding look.

Why borrow bridal jewelry necklaces instead of buying them?

While purchasing a necklace may be a tempting choice, renting is often the better option due to the cost savings, customization options, and positive impact on the environment.

How to rent a bridal wedding jewelry necklace?

It’s easy to rent a wedding necklace with Verstolo. We’re always available to answer questions, reserve your favorite necklaces, and demonstrate the product virtually. Let’s make your dream wedding come true.

Discover Verstolo’s Bridal Necklace Collection Today.

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