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Your wedding day – ideally, the Oscar-winning scene in the movie of your life. And that’s a pretty universal theory. Otherwise, the luxury bridal business wouldn’t be as booming as it is, even in this economy. According to Zion Market Research, the US bridal gown market size is estimated to climb to more than $73 billion by 2030, almost double the revenue from last year. This is due to the rising trends of weddings and marriages.

Yes, the bridal gown seems to be the star of the show. It’s what everyone talks about, what mothers sometimes pass along to their daughters, and what made Vera Wang famous.

But what REALLY makes a bride feel like a princess? Her luxury bridal jewelry. And what’s even better – when you aren’t “married” to a huge purchase. Consider high-end wedding jewelry rental.

An Emotional Connection

Women feel an emotional connection to jewelry. Your personal jewelry is a reflection of your style, freedom of choice, and independence. Jewelry can also highlight a woman’s features and personality if she wears the right piece at the right time. Plus, it’s just a confidence booster. It can certainly make you feel stylish, beautiful, special, and important. Jewelry has also played a key role in the history, beauty and drama of motion pictures. There is a reason Holly Golightly wanted to have breakfast at Tiffany’s – and it wasn’t the omelets; but the luxury bridal jewelry.

Which Diamond Wedding Jewelry Should You Choose?

Top-quality diamond bridal jewelry for rental gives you a ton of options. But everyone has preferences. Some profess that one standout diamond wedding piece is all you need — the rest is overkill. Some are completely obsessed with a specific category or categories of luxurious jewelry. Some reserve high-end bridal jewelry solely for their coiffures. And some go for the matching set of several items.

But it’s completely up to you – no one way is right. For an event as special as your wedding day, though, it helps to have a professional consultation. Experts can open your eyes to creative ensembles you may have never even considered before.

Are Your Ears Burning…for Luxury?

Did you know that earrings can actually change the appearance of the shape of your face? Luxury earrings can create the illusion of wide, narrow, round, or long, depending on the style you choose.

A chandelier or teardrop earrings, for example, downplay a broad forehead and create the illusion of a wider jawline. If you like vintage style, look at these amazing diamond chandelier earrings.

Put these on, and you’ll feel like Elizabeth Taylor hitting the red carpet in the 1950s. “Life without earrings is empty” Liz famously said. One of her favorite items in her vast collection of jewelry was a set of diamond and platinum chandeliers.

She was photographed more often in these earrings than any other items she owned. One of our versions features marquise and round diamonds in a floral design and is set in 18K White Gold.

Not everyone, of course, thinks chandeliers are swinging. Some people clamor for classic diamond stud earrings, for example. Understated and uncomplicated, studs are a perfect choice for a sleek minimalist look.

They are practical and timeless, offering style and elegance. Also, they look especially striking with short haircuts and updos. And there are countless other options.

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Bracelets for Bouquet Photos

Traditionally, bracelets were worn to protect against evil spirits or the harsh sun, or to physically represent marital status. Interestingly, they were also worn in hopes of expediting the turning winter of into spring. Now that they are considered a fashion accessory, these still often hold special meaning for the wearer.

Bracelets – even high-end bridal jewelry — are typically under-hyped accessories. But a lot of women have attractive wrists, and wrists are a physical feature that will be spotlighted in any photo of you holding the bouquet. Here’s an interesting half-diamond, half-gold “paper clip” hybrid tennis bracelet that would make an interesting edition to any bride’s ensemble.

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Accentuating One of Your Main Beauty Features The Neckline Pendant

Accentuating One of Your Main Beauty Features: The Neckline

Who could forget the scene in Pretty Woman where Richard Gere playfully snaps the necklace box on Julia Roberts’ hand? Or for that matter, Julia’s elegant neckline, later adorned by the luxurious necklace, in her off-the-shoulder red gown?

Always known as an erogenous zone, the neck could possibly be your most strategic aesthetic spot for luxury diamond wedding jewelry. Not only are they face framing, but necklaces offer the added bonus of potentially changing the viewers’ perception of your height. Longer necklaces elongate – hence adding height – and chokers do the opposite.

The fashion theory behind luxury diamond stud earrings, understated updos, and other simple styles also applies to pendants: Small and unassuming they don’t upstage the headliner (that being your face or the dress).

But some of us always go for the glitz. Show your glamorous side with an intricate necklace like this sapphire-and-diamond pendant, which can be customized with the gemstone of your choice.

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Why You Should Rent Your Bridal Jewelry?

Renting luxury bridal jewelry isn’t really about saving money. Yes, of course, you pay a fraction of what you’d pay if you actually bought your pieces.

That’s an obvious benefit – all of the luxury without the gigantic price tag. But it’s more about heralding the occasion.

You are never going to forget taking the special trip to the Verstolo showroom in New York City’s Diamond District.

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Our curated collection features countless carats of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. And our consultants will educate and expertly instruct you on realizing your vision.

From choosing the stone to helping you personally design the setting, our experts can help you create a top-quality, hand-crafted diamond luxury wedding ensemble that is tailored to your style.

Why Rent Luxury Bridal Jewelry?

This is much more intimate than just purchasing jewelry from a store. Plus, renting high-end bridal jewelry is a modern twist on the “something borrowed” theme.

What’s also great is that you can share the experience with your family members or friends. It will be fun and exciting for them to choose a jewelry ensemble with you. They will also feel honored you invited them to play a role in your luxury bridal jewelry rental decision.

Additionally, there’s the ritual of wearing, renting, and returning. Once again, you are paying homage to your wedding day’s importance. The type of expensive bridal jewelry you will be selecting is not for everyday use – certainly not for work or to running errands.

And logically, it’s impractical to commit by purchasing it. The number of times you would actually wear it would likely be very few.

So, again you are also heightening the distinctiveness of the occasion and the specialness of the jewelry itself, while at the same time being practical.

Are Luxury Jewelry Rentals for Brides?

Verstolo caters to glamorous, elegant, elite brides who want uniqueness and exclusive marriage jewelry. But without the impracticality or commitment of purchasing once-in-a-lifetime-appropriate pieces.

Premium Bridal Jewelry Rental Service

Our clients also revel in the Verstolo experience – we are 4th-generation diamantaires – making their wedding journey even more special with the process of borrowing handcrafted luxury diamond jewelry, including our expert consultation.

The only high-end diamond rental service available, we’re contacted all the time by former clients.

They tell us how much they loved their encounter with us and how exceptional we made them feel. We have vast expertise in diamonds, and jewelry production and manufacturing.

Also, we ensure our stones are obtained using legitimate means. All are 100% natural, ethical, and conflict-free.

Your wedding day will be a major milestone in your life. Let us help you create your unique look for this personal celebration of love, individuality, and your individual style.

Feel Free to check our Online Jewelry Rental Guide for renting tips and tricks. Schedule your consultation today and set the magic into motion!

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