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The Dos and Don’ts When It Comes to Saying “I Do” to Online Jewelry Rental

“Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear,” stated American businesswoman, interior designer, and fashion icon Iris Apfel. And we’d have to agree.

To find just the right piece of transformative jewelry, especially for life’s defining moments, online jewelry rental can help you achieve just the look you want with just the right real diamond earrings, bracelets, or necklaces.

Life is full of decisions – some big and some small – but all important in their own regard. In this blog, we’ll detail some dos and don’ts when considering borrowing luxury jewelry online.

Where Can I Rent Jewelry? And How Do I Find a Trustworthy Online Jewelry Rental Company?

It all starts with research to find the best jewelry rental company. Luckily the internet comes in quite handy to find reviews from real customers on sites like Google and

In addition to reviews from past customers, see if anything comes up in the news – good, bad, or neutral – about its founder, CEO, or other company updates that can help paint a picture of the type of business they are running.

When browsing an online jewelry company’s website, consider how long the company has been in business. Also consider if there’s transparency when it comes to details provided such as insurance policies, costs, and how they source their diamonds.

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Do take the time to do your research, reach out to past customers, and evaluate options and costs. Don’t rush to decide without having all the important pieces of information upfront.

How Do I Make Sure My Rented Jewelry Will Fit?

It’s an online jewelry rental best practice to, if possible, go to the store’s physical location. However, that may not be feasible, and a completely virtual visit can check all the right boxes, too.

Knowing your size and following the company’s guidance when measuring will help ensure a proper fit that’s most important when it comes to borrowing rings and bracelets. The company should offer strong customer support to help guide you through the process.

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Do take the time to follow the process of getting proper measurements and ask for help and guidance. Don’t just assume that the size of a ring you currently have will be the size you need in your rental piece.

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When Should I Book My Jewelry for Rental to Ensure Availability?

Most online jewelry rental is available on a first-come, first-served basis. In short, the sooner the better. Oftentimes pieces are unique with just a handful of each even available, which makes it that much more special, but also that much more important to reserve your piece. Booking 3-6 months out from your special event should allow ample timing when renting online jewelry.

Do book your online jewelry rental 3-6 months out, don’t save this to do list item to the last minute as it will add stress and potential disappointment.

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What Should I Know About the Care and Maintenance of Rented Luxury Jewelry?

When doing online luxury rentals be aware that:

Treat the jewelry as you would want your own special jewelry to be treated. Follow care instructions provided by the online jewelry rental company. As you would with any other luxury jewelry piece, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and moisture. If an item happens to get damaged at home, it’s best practice to contact the jewelry rental company who should provide instructions on sending it back for repair. Attempting to fix the jewelry yourself should be avoided.

When it comes to cleaning rented jewelry, this should be handled by the rental company. Often high-powered ultrasonic machines are used followed by a steaming process to remove any bacteria and also to provide maximum sparkle. Should you want to clean your rental pieces yourself, do not use any harsh cleaning materials. If at-home cleaning is needed, dish soap and/or alcohol pads are recommended.

Do take good and proper care of the jewelry you’ve rented, but don’t stress in the rare chance something is damaged. Do ask questions about their policies and responsibility when it comes to cleaning and any maintenance tips. Don’t attempt to fix anything that becomes loose or breaks and don’t use any harsh chemicals when cleaning.

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What Should I Look for When It Comes to the Terms and Conditions of Renting Jewelry Online?

Ask about the shipping process, rental period duration, and what happens if an extension is needed. Also, inquire about when it comes to insurance.

In most instances, it’s common online jewelry rental practice that the piece(s) will be insured by the company for the duration of the rental period.

The jewelry should be able to be worn worry-free with peace of mind, with no need to take out additional insurance on your own.

Do ask for T&C details and don’t just assume. Make sure you understand the terms and what you are committing to. Don’t take out additional insurance.


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What are Some Quick Tips When Leasing Jewelry Online?

  1. Don’t rush and be too quick to make a decision.
  2. Do your research – read reviews, look at photos, and create a list of options.
  3. Ask as many questions as needed to the potential online jewelry rental company.
  4. Take into consideration the reputation and how long the company has been in business.
  5. Keep in mind the neckline and style of your wedding gown. Share photos during your consultation.
  6. Book your jewelry rental far enough in advance to give the best chance of borrowing the piece(s) you truly want.
  7. Take care of the jewelry, but don’t stress while having luxury jewelry in your possession. Know it’s insured and protected.
  8. Enjoy the process and take time to appreciate the moment and the transformative feeling of finding just the right rented jewelry piece(s).

If you are looking for just the right thing to add that extra sparkle and dazzle to your dream event, renting jewelry online may be just the transformative thing you can wear.


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