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The 10 Best Diamond Earrings for Your Special Day

You’ve said yes to the dress, but have you said yes to the earrings? These may be low on a bride-to-be’s list, but earrings are essential in completing your wedding day look. The right earrings, paired with other accessories, can elevate your wedding ensemble to a new level of glamour and sophistication.

The world of high-end wedding earrings offers every bride a treasure trove of options to fit their unique style and vision. Join us as we explore our top 10 picks for diamond wedding earrings to include in your big celebration.

Why You Should Wear Diamond Earrings on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding look is only complete with the right accessories. Diamond jewelry — particularly diamond earrings — adds the right amount of splendor and whimsy to your look.

Diamonds perfectly embody luxury and romance, making you feel like you just stepped out of a fairytale. Diamond earrings gracefully tie in the other elements of your ensemble, adding the final touches of elegance to your overall look.

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10 Best Diamond Earrings to Wear on Your Wedding Day

Brides are spoiled with their choice of luxury earrings—and rightfully so. But we know wedding decisions can be incredibly daunting, no matter how small. Where do you even start? We’ve done the hard work for you.

Without further ado, these are our top picks for diamond wedding earrings. To make things even better, you can rent all our suggestions. You can experience all the luxury that comes with high-end bridal earrings but none of the cost. Let’s get into it.

Dazzling Drama with Dangling Earrings

For brides hoping to add just a pinch of drama to their ensemble, look no further than dangling earrings. From dramatic chandeliers to intricate drops, these earrings exude a captivating allure that gracefully sways with every step.


For the bride who wants the best of both worlds, these delicate hanging earrings combine the sparkle of diamonds with the glimmer of gold. This pair exudes a timeless elegance that beautifully sways with every moment. They’re perfect for bold brides who want to capture the hearts of all their guests.


Add some drama to your ensemble with these enchanting chandelier earrings. This pair features a combination of marquise, pear, and round diamonds and screams edgy sophistication.


This eye-catching pair can only be described as a work of art. Its modern yet timeless look will definitely make a statement on your big day. Set in both white and rose gold, this pair features a mix of marquise and round diamonds and is perfect for that vintage-inspired bride.


These waterfall earrings are the sweet spot between sleek and elegant. These three lines of cascading cluster studs are perfect for brides who want a clean and polished look.

A Touch of Whimsy with Colored Diamonds

Are you looking to add a pop of color to your wedding look but need help figuring out where to start? Colored diamonds are a great way to add a touch of whimsy to your day. From striking blues to yellow or even pink hues, these earrings create a look as vibrant as your love.


Have you found your “something blue”? These marquise diamonds with blue sapphires offer you the chance to honor the time immemorial wedding tradition in the most luxurious way possible.


These earrings are inspired by Hollywood glam and feature Columbian emeralds and round brilliant diamonds. They’re a great way to add a pop of personality to a simple gown.

The Delicate Sophistication of Small Hoops

Small hoops are the epitome of understated sophistication. These dainty earrings pair well with many gown styles and create an effortless but refined look. They’re perfect for the simple bride who wants to add a modern but subtle chic touch to her wedding look.


These half-hoop earrings are as elegant as can be. With a multitude of micro pave set diamonds, these hoops are subtle but timeless.


Celia is another handmade and beautifully crafted micro pave earring featuring brilliant round diamonds. Their cluster of micro diamonds creates a captivating luster allowing you to shine effortlessly.

The Ever-Classic Diamond Studs

Classic diamond studs are the textbook definition of elegance and grace. These versatile and timeless pieces fit almost any wedding dress and are perfect for the bride that cherishes simplicity.


These stunning star-shaped cluster studs are a picture of dazzling elegance. These earrings are handcrafted with intricate artistry and resemble a radiant bouquet of diamonds. Their delicate pear-shaped diamonds come together in a breathtaking star cluster, gracefully set in 18K white gold, creating just the right amount of sparkle and charm.


Complete with 40 marquise diamonds, these large circular studs shimmer like delicate petals. They radiate elegance and sophistication, elevating your bridal ensemble to new heights of glamour and grace.

Curate Your Special Day with Verstolo

As you mull over the details of your wedding day, remember the not so little role of accessories, especially earrings. With our top 10 list, you should be well on your way to considering options you can include on your big day (whether down the aisle or at the reception).

Remember that all our suggestions are renter friendly. Embrace the allure of diamonds without the commitment of purchasing with Verstolo. You can match your vision of elegance and experience the luxury of high-end wedding earrings without that high-end cost.

At Verstolo, we’re committed to giving you memories that last a lifetime with the luxurious feel of diamond jewelry. Schedule an in-person or virtual consultation today so we can help make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

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