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The Complete Guide to Diamond Wedding Bands: What You Need to Know Before Buying Your Dream Ring

Remember the moment you first saw your loved one? The spark, the laughter, the feeling that you’d found your forever? Your wedding band is an extension of that feeling, a tangible reminder of the love that brought you together.

Today we explore the beautiful world of luxury wedding bands and how you can find the perfect symbol to celebrate your unique story.

What is a Wedding Band?

Dating back to the Egyptians and Romans, wedding bands, also known as wedding rings, have a long history filled with meaning, symbolizing love and commitment in many cultures across the globe.

During the wedding ceremony, a simple exchange becomes a powerful marriage token. Wedding bands, carefully chosen and cherished, express the lifelong union and deep love between partners, marking the official moment of becoming husband and wife.

Women’s Popular Diamond Wedding Band Styles

While engagement rings often feature a larger gemstone, wedding bands can also showcase the timeless elegance of diamonds.

Plain metal wedding bands are a classic choice, but for brides seeking a touch of sparkle, diamond wedding bands offer a dazzling way to symbolize your everlasting love.

Here are some of our favorite wedding bands to match your style:

Delicate Pave Wedding Bands

Pave settings offer a dazzling display of sparkle and maximum brilliance. Verstolo’s pave wedding bands are designed for comfortable long-term wear and pair perfectly with engagement rings or other wedding bands.

Whether you appreciate the classic allure of a pave eternity band, or you’re looking for a unique twist with this gorgeous three row micro pave band, we offer stunning handcrafted rings that shine as bright as your love.

3 row micro white

Eternity Bands

Featuring a continuous row of diamonds, eternity bands are the ultimate symbol of everlasting, “eternal” love. Beyond weddings, they’re also a popular choice for anniversary gifts, push-presents, and more! At Verstolo, we’re inspired by the versatility and creative possibilities of eternity bands.

From out-of-the-box, modern mixed shape diamond bands, sophisticated marquise bands and classy emerald cuts to brilliant double row diamond eternity bands, we offer timeless designs, diverse diamond cuts, and exciting customization possibilities. You can also get creative with eternity bands and consider adding pops of color with gemstones.

Eternity Bands Verstolo

Floral Wedding Bands

Floral designs are trending in 2024 and floral wedding bands are no exception. Delicate and romantic, these unique wedding bands feature diamonds set in floral patterns.

Our floral wedding band includes marquise and round diamonds in an open gallery setting, adding a touch of nature-inspired elegance. We love to see this paired with a classic solitaire engagement or worn on its own.

Floral Eternity Band White

Channel Set Wedding Bands

Channel-set wedding bands offer a sleek and modern look. Since the diamonds are secured within a groove in the band, these types of wedding rings are a great choice for brides who like a more gold forward look. This style is also great for stacking with other delicate bands.

With its contemporary design and customization options, our channel set eternity band has become one of our most popular designs.

channel yellow

Modern Bezel Wedding Bands

Modern bezel wedding bands offer a chic and secure setting for your diamonds, creating a clean, contemporary look that pairs well with various engagement ring styles.

We love how bezel settings enhance the natural look of each stone, whether it’s sleek Asscher cuts, elegant emeralds or romantic heart bezels.

Asscher Bezel Eternity Yellow

Wedding Band Shopping Guide

Emily sheehan Photo NA Addison 1

With so many options on the market, how do you find the right wedding band that reflects your special union? Here’s what to keep in mind when shopping for your wedding ring:


Diamond quality is key when choosing your diamond wedding band. Consider the 4Cs (cut, clarity, color, carat weight), and think about whether you prefer natural diamonds or a lab-grown diamond wedding band.

Both options are just as sparkly! Natural diamonds have a long history and tradition, while lab-grown diamonds are a budget-friendly choice.



Opt for platinum for a bright, classic, white look. Yellow or rose gold offer warmth and are extremely popular right now. If you are looking for a white metal, we do prefer platinum over white gold due to its durability and flexibility for long term wear.

If you plan on wearing your wedding band and engagement ring on the same finger, make sure to consider your engagement ring’s style and color when selecting the metals.


Consider how wide you want the band and if it will stack comfortably with your engagement ring. Try on different widths to see what feels best on your finger.


Stackable bands offer endless possibilities. You can combine your wedding band with your engagement ring or other diamond bands for a unique combination that reflects your personal style.

Who Buys the Wedding Bands?

In the past, the groom’s family bought the bride’s band and vice versa. Today, couples often choose their bands together, splitting the cost or buying their own.

Do Wedding Bands Have to Match?

Traditionally, wedding bands for couples had similar styles, but matching wasn’t a strict rule. Couples today prioritize personal style and meaning.

From complementary designs to unique styles, the most important thing is finding bands that resonate with each of you and symbolize your unique love story. If you’re looking to have a matching element in your bands, consider a unique engraving.

How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Band?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to how much you should spend on a wedding band. Solid gold or Platinum wedding bands start at around $350 and go up from there. Diamond eternity bands start at around $1000 and can go up to $30,000+. It really depends on your overall wedding budget, priorities, and lifestyle.

How to Wear Your Wedding Ring?

Traditionally, the wedding band is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand next to the engagement ring. However, modern brides have many options!

You can choose to wear your wedding band on its own, as a simple and elegant statement, or wear it stacked with other thin diamond bands for a personalized look that speaks to you.

Find the Wedding Band That Speaks to Your Love with Verstolo

Your unique love story deserves to be celebrated and cherished with a beautiful symbol that lasts a lifetime. Our wedding bands are meticulously handcrafted with care and dedication, each detail reflecting a timeless tale of commitment and affection.

With Verstolo, you can customize a wedding ring as unique and extraordinary as your love, crafted with the same timeless quality that will endure your love story’s every chapter.

Let your love story shine! Book a consultation and craft the perfect symbol of your forever at Verstolo.

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